May 15, 2020

Take polls: your stem cell treatment cost, PRP, exosomes

Take polls: your stem cell treatment cost, PRP, exosomes

I’m in the process of gathering data on how much people have been paying for their various stem cell and related treatments, but I’d like to hear directly from you as to what was your stem cell treatment cost.

Also, how much did you pay for platelet rich plasma, also known as PRP?

What about exosome therapy?

Yes, not all of these are stem cell treatments, but they are often bundled together under the umbrella term “regenerative therapies.” Sometimes they are used sequentially or even mixed. For instance, it’s common for clinics to sell stem cells combined with PRP.

Take our polls please below. I’m also asking how many stem cell treatments (injections) you got. To really have an accurate sense of total cost, you need to know the number of treatments or injections.

You can see our past posts on stem cell treatment prices here:

Now to the polls. Also, please make comments to add more detail to your entries in the polls.



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