May 9, 2021

Weekly reads: oncodevelopmental factors, iPSC cancer vaccine, more

Weekly reads: oncodevelopmental factors, iPSC cancer vaccine, more

Stem cell models help crack regional oncohistone codes driving childhood gliomas, Cell Stem Cell. My postdoc Rachel Klein and I wrote this preview of two papers in Cell Stem Cell that use stem cells to model how mutant histone H3.3 drives childhood high-grade glioma formation. Along with a couple of other similar papers, these studies help clarify that mutant H3.3 locks in an aberrant neural stem/progenitor-like state through specific epigenomic activities. Rachel is a very talented scientist doing some great work on H3.3 and in other areas (see the bottom of the next item).

Emerging roles of cancer-testis antigenes, semenogelin 1 and 2, in neoplastic cells, Cell Death Discovery.  Certain proteins are expressed only in embryos and cancer or in testes and cancer. These are also oncodevelopmental factors embody the links between stem cells and cancer. My own lab has been studying a number of these including DPPA4 and DPPA2. Rachel was first author on our paper on DPPA4/2 providing some of the first insights into their genomic functions.

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